What Should a Freelance Website Include?

There are a few essential pages that you absolutely must have when you are creating your freelance website.

Portfolio and Case Studies

 If you are a creative freelancer of any type (photography, graphic design, etc.), you need a portfolio. Include images of your best projects (no more than 10) showcasing your skillset and what you can offer. If your services rely on case studies, such as social media marketing, then that’s also something to include on the portfolio page. You want to give potential clients examples of what you can do for them — show them you know your stuff and can achieve the results that they’re looking for. If you’re wondering what to include when creating a freelance writing website, it’s actually the same. But, your portfolio would showcase your best writing pieces so that clients can get a snippet of what they can expect by working with you.

About Page

The “About Page” is even more important than the home page. It’s where you get to showcase your personality and let clients know who you are and what you’re all about. A pro-tip to catch the attention of someone visiting your site is to let them know how many clients you’ve had so far, and to share any awards or accolades you’ve acquired, and any education or courses you’ve taken.


Testimonials are also pertinent to your website, and can be added either as its own complete page or can be scattered throughout other pages on your site. You’ll want to include them on your services pages, your about page, your portfolio page, and your homepage at the least.

Awards and Experience

Another great page to include is one going over your awards and experience exclusively, almost like a digital resume or CV so that your clients can quickly get a grasp of what you did before freelancing, or how long you’ve been in business.

Sales Page

Last but not least, you definitely need a sales page showcasing your services. Really sell your service to those visiting your site and go into detail about what you’re offering and what you charge. Make your sales page attractive and informative.

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